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bugle memorial honors
musical background

As a second generation bugler with 35 years of experience playing in military bands, Sheldon Gordon has performed every conceivable type of military and civilian memorial ceremony. His playing will add the perfect musical element to your loved one’s ceremony.

Bugle calls can be sounded on a 19th century French Clarion bugle, 1840s bell front cornet, or 1860s over-the-shoulder cornet depending on venue or customer preferences.

If a military honor guard is present, the bugle honors will be coordinated with the flag folding and presentation in keeping with standard military protocol.

More Information
Visit pages within this site for more information on services, bookings, uniform, events and performances.

Band of the Calfornia Battalion
Sheldon also performs on cornet with the Civil War-style Band of the California Battalion. Visit Events page for more information.

Need an expert bugler for a memorial service or funeral? Have a question? Get in touch with Sheldon Gordon .

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