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Memorial Honors
Musical honors, played on the bugle, are appropriate for a wide range of patriotic events and memorial services. The traditional bugle call “Taps” should be reserved for veterans of military service, fire, or law enforcement personnel.

There are other solemn and poignant calls that can enhance services for public employees at the city, county, state, or federal level. The bugle calls for these individuals would be “Tattoo” or “Retreat.”

If the honoree is from the private sector or outside the United States or its holdings, the British Commonwealth bugle call “Sunset” is appropriate.

Bugle calls can be sounded on a 19th century French Clarion bugle, 1840s bell front cornet, or 1860s over-the-shoulder cornet depending on venue or customer preferences.

Clothing Options
Sheldon wears the uniform of a cavalry sergeant of the American Civil War period. This is appropriate for an honoree from any branch of military service, foreign or domestic, of any period. Additional salutes can be rendered with the saber during a ceremony.

If the honoree was not a member of the armed services or a first responder, Sheldon can wear civilian dress clothing. Please let us know your preference when booking the event.

Large Events
When musical honors are needed for very large events or venues, an entire Brigade-level Civil War Military band can be booked. At least 30 days’ lead time is required and the price is quoted on an event-specific basis.




  Bugle Honors Region Price
  Military or Civilian Los Angeles area $150
  Military or Civilian Long Beach
  Military or Civilian San Gabriel Valley $175
  Military or Civilian Out of the region $150 + T&L
      (Transportation & Lodging)
  Contact Information
  Sheldon Gordon (323) 472-3522   E-mail Sheldon

Why “Taps” Is Played at Military Funerals and Memorial Services

The melody that we recognize as “Taps” was developed as a bugle call to signal the end of the day and have the soldiers extinguish all lights and retire. Its melancholy strain conveys the message to cease all activities and rest.

During the American Civil War, a Union artillery officer was killed in action. A memorial service was planned for the fallen officer but the traditional salute of three volleys of cannon or musketry was impractical due to the close proximity of the Confederate army. The noise might give away the Union positions or even cause the battle to rejoin. It was agreed to salute the fallen with a single bugler playing “Taps.” As a result of that event and the effect that “Taps” had on those assembled, it has been played at memorials or funerals ever since.